What is going to happen tomorrow?  Where are my children?  What happens if it never stops raining?  How will I get all this done?  Why do people have to lie?  When will the world end? Why am I here?  What are they going to do?  Where are they now? How am I going to survive this? Will she be OK?  Paper or plastic?

That constant pressure of worry that precedes the future with questions that cannot be answered.  The window to tomorrow is constantly closed and the pane painted over to hide any details about that elusive day.  The entire body convulses into uncontrollable shivers, nausea, heart palpitations, weakness in the limbs, and an overall feeling of illness that spreads to every pore.  The mind is stripped of any hope of logic.  Thoughts explode in an uncontrolled blast of volcanic goo rendering the mind dysfunctional for the duration.  The connection to the surrounding world is severed and the body, mind, and spirit all implode to a black hole that sucks the life out of everything.  Thought beyond the threshold is limited to a narrow understanding of a tree,  a car, a cat, a bush, or a flower.  Beauty is lost to an abyss of fear churning through the bowels.

Hopelessness.  Lost.  Falling.  Isolation. Collapse.

ANXIETY defined.

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