Thank goodness the holidays are over! I have a true LOVE/HATE relationship with the holidays, especially Christmas. This year was worse than ever and by December 15th I was ready to rip all the decorations from the tree and call it a year.  Now that 2014 is here I feel that the worst is over, yet the next holiday is looming just over the horizon. I told my family that I am thinking of traveling over Christmas next year. I would love to visit a place that celebrates with less commercialism.  I wonder what  New Zealand is like for Christmas?

I quit watching television for the past two months.  Ten minutes of commercial time to sell me on the wonders of owning a push-up bra for the holidays. Really? It wouldn’t be Christmas without the perfect cup of espresso brewed in the amazing “espresso brewer that you gotta have!”  at the very reasonable cost of $299.95 and all the while the sleigh bells ring in the background. Don’t forget the thousand ways to show Santa coming down the chimney bringing every gift you had on your list, especially the shaver that will bring flocks of  women who fall over themselves to touch your face (and no, the girls are not included with the shaver).

The crowning glory of the buying madness? Black Friday. It has become a black day indeed. One dead and numerous injuries just to get the latest and greatest version of a tablet. I have boycotted Black Friday since it’s inception. The mob madness is what the retailers depend on to push those sales to the “break even point”. The cost of doing business. BAH HUMBUG!

For the 2014 Christmas season you might find me in New Zealand on the beach enjoying a Kiwi or two.  There won’t be a tree put up and the outdoor lights will stay in the basement. My neighbors may think me a Scrooge.  The millions of dollars spent during Christmas gift giving season will be a little less in 2014.  My money will be going to the economy of New Zealand.

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