Art Journaling

Journaling is something I have tried to do, but whenever I got started it seemed to slip away. I’d find the book months later with two or three entries and a hundred blank pages. It seemed daunting to have to think of something to write about every day (and here I am doing a daily blogging challenge LOL).

Recently I discovered Art Journaling. It was a game changer.

Art journaling is a visual diary that lends itself to a vast array of creative possibilities. It is a very relaxing way to shed some of life’s ups and downs. It is a way to express the day with a variety of art choices. What I really like about it is that this is a place to scribble, scratch, or freely draw, paint, or paste anything and everything. There are art journals I have seen that are a combination of drawing and writing. The possibilities are vast.

My first Art Journal. I glued mages on that I found online to the cover.

My first journal was small (5×5 inches) and filled mostly with sketching and watercolor. I like the smaller journal because I don’t put self inflicted pressure on myself to draw big. I am able to do smaller works that are finished in a day. Having the internet at my finger tips also opened a whole world of art tutorials. You-tube has an extensive library of art lessons that even the most beginner art journalist can follow. If you do a search on Art Journaling on You-Tube you will have a long list to choose from.

Happy Mistakes everywhere! This is the first journal page I did. All of the sketches are done by following a step-by-step tutorial.

The biggest lesson for me to learn is to allow for all those “happy mistakes”. Everything in life is a learning process and art is no exception. Those happy mistakes are perfect in an art journal because this is a place you can be free of judgement. The only person you will share your journal with is yourself.

If you decide to start your own journal remember to have fun. This is play time not real life. Allow yourself to let go. Breathe. When you are done with your first sketch it is OK to laugh at yourself and be proud of the fact that you just finished your first masterpiece.

Today’s post is brought to you by A to Z Challenge and the letter J.

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter J


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2 responses to “Art Journaling

  1. Vidya Tiru

    I am that way with journaling as well and your post reminded me of two things – one , i have left my GLAD journaling for this year (that i had going on for well over 6 weeks before I stopped… abruptly).. and two, i should use the better late than ever and get to the 100 day art project even though it is half way done officially..
    My post is here

  2. Dropping in from the A to Z challenge. I was really impressed with your art journal.

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