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Reflections on A to Z Challenge

What was it like to post an article everyday (except most Sundays) for an entire month? For me, this year was much easier than when I attempted this in 2018 and 2019 on my writing website, KJScrim.com. I feel this year it was easier mostly because I kept the doors wide open when it came to my theme.

In 2018 I did a series of posts talking about every aspect of a book I was writing at the time, titled The Manx (I still haven’t finished it). It takes place on the Isle of Man located in the middle of the Irish Sea. What a fun place to research! Now, all I have to do is actually go there. It sounds like an amazing place to spend a few weeks, along with Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

In 2019 I covered everything about short stories. At the time I was just starting to write short stories so by writing 26 articles on the subject I felt I would finish as the number one story teller of the century. Dreams are fantastic. I only completed through the letter R, but I was still stoked that I got as far as I did. That’s what great about this challenge, you can go as far as you want. You want to get all the way through Z, right? This year I did. Yay to me!

I still haven’t gone to the Isle of Man (it’s on my bucket list), nor have I finished the book. My short story library has grown and they are just waiting for that acceptance letter. I’m not sure if my stories are too weird for most publications or if I need an editor. Either way, I’ve had a blast writing them.

So, what happened this year with A to Z? I covered a wide variety of subjects. Did you like them? Want more? Did you hate them? If you said yes, they were awful, you absolutely must explain why. If you don’t all your socks will soon have holes in the big toe. I love comments, and my favorites from the month were from everyone who left them. Thank you. I give you all the blessing of never having an odd sock, ever.

I hope you all stick around and keep reading ArbitraryDustBunnies. You never know what might pop up!

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Lately I have been languishing over the letter ‘L’. It is a simple little letter who, when not capitalized, is just a line. L, l, line.

So many lovely words begin with ‘L’; like, loyal, lucky, laugh, luscious, lavish and so many more. ‘L’ is also the first letter for some less than loathsome words; lost, lame, lonely, licentious, livid, lousy, and listless are just a few.

L is not quite the middle of the alphabet, but it is only a single spot away which leaves the poor L not the center of anything very lavish unless you’re talking about helix, agley, folio, igloo, or zilch.

As I ponder this lost little letter I am reminded that without it, there would be no lions, only ions, and any luck would turn into uck.

So, I am thankful for this little fellow of a letter.

It is as lovely as a lilac on a lonely road in Louisiana.

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#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter L

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