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A Story by Jasper

Yesterday, I posted a story written by ChatGPT and, as promised, today the writer is Jasper. This AI tool is much more robust than ChatGPT and where ChatGPT is free, Jasper is not. I set myself up on their 5 day free trail just so I could stick my toe in to see how dangerous the waters were.

What did I find? I gave Jasper a similar writing prompt as ChatGPT with the added ability to give the story a voice (I wrote “dark”). Right off, I will say that Jasper is, in general, a more creative writing tool, but it doesn’t go too far beyond that. I think this will be a great way to generate ideas more so than trying to write a novel.

Here is the prompt:

Write a short story using the words, vinegar, vice, vibrant, Vickie, volume, and vulture

Vickie had been walking for days. The desolate desert air was thick and heavy, leaving an acrid taste in her mouth like vinegar. With no water or food to sustain her, she trudged along aimlessly as the sun beat down from above. Every step seemed heavier than the last and all she wanted was to find shelter from the heat.

Just when she thought all hope was lost, Vickie spotted something on the horizon – a vibrant oasis shimmering in the distance, beckoning her forward with its promise of respite from this arid wasteland. Never before had anything looked so beautiful and inviting; it almost felt too good to be true! She quickened her steps but soon heard a loud cawing sound echoing across the sky above – two vultures circling overhead like a sign of impending doom. A feeling of dread came over Vickie and she began running towards what appeared to be salvation at any cost… until suddenly there it was right in front of her: a large wooden door with old iron hinges creaking open at an alarming volume.

Inside were row upon row of shelves filled with every kind of vice imaginable – alcohol, cigarettes, drugs…even weapons! It seemed that whatever one desired could be found within these walls – yet despite being surrounded by such temptation, Vickie only felt fear coursing through her veins as she backed away slowly from this place where sin ran rampant… until finally reaching safety once more outside under bright blue skies where not even vultures dared follow.

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