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Dancing in the Rain

A little girl walks in the rain,
In a yellow raincoat bright and plain,
Her little feet splashing in the puddles,
As she hums a tune and giggles.

The raindrops fall upon her hair,
And down her face without a care,
But she keeps on walking with a smile,
Forgetting all her worries for a while.

The world around her turns to grey,
But she sees the beauty in the day,
As she skips and dances through the mist,
She feels like nothing can resist.

She twirls and spins with glee,
As the rain pours down so heavily,
Her yellow raincoat shining bright,
In the midst of the darkest night.

With each step, she becomes more brave,
As she faces the stormy waves,
For she knows that after every storm,
A rainbow comes to greet the morn.

So, she walks on with head held high,
As the rain pours down from the sky,
For she knows that in this moment,
She is strong, she is resilient.

Written by: ChatGPT

This post brought to you by ChatGBT, the letter Y, and:

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter Y

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