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Quire, Quiddity, Quixotic, Qi, and Qat

Words that have the letter Q in them are worth the most in Scrabble (Z ties it). I went online to see what the value was (it’s been a while since I played the game) and I found some interesting trivia about Scrabble and the letter Q.

First off, there are lists upon lists of words to aid you in your quest for the high value tiles. If you have a Q on your rack you actually do not need a U to succeed. But, only 5% of the words that have a Q can live without the U. If you pop over to ScrabbleWordFinder.org you will find several lists of using the letter Q without a U. I haven’t heard of most of these words, but if you are a Scrabble Queen you’ll want to keep this link handy. Want a full list of words with a Q anywhere in the word? Dictionary.com has you covered.

Now if you want to learn from a pro about each letter in the game, head over to Will Anderson’s You-Tube channel (I linked to Q, but you can browse his channel for other letters). After watching his seven minute video (OK, I actually skimmed it), the biggest takeaway came in the first 60 seconds. Spoiler alert! Mr. Anderson rates the Q as the absolute worst tile to have out of all of them. I may have to agree.

I did find that Q is worth 10 points so if you have one, play it early. If it is left at the end of the game your opponent will gain 20 points. OUCH! If you find yourself stuck with a Q just remember two simple words: Qi and Qat. Either that or just trade it in and hope for an E.

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