The Raven Said

Kings and Queens; knights, slaves, maidens and princes.  These are the things that made an era long in the past for which we have come to be who we are.  Blood ran like rivers in their times and life was beyond cruel, yet life continued and we were born.  How is that?  Why are we born and others never see past their first day in this world?  Back then it was common for children, men and women, old and young to die.  We all die.  Everything dies.  Everything lives at the same time.  Thrives. Wild things walk next to the tame.  Deer and coyotes walk among pigs and horse without fear of one another. Man walks with no one. Man is no longer in harmony.  We strive to be “one with God and nature” yet we are so far removed from it all we have no idea what is really going on around us.

In King Arthur’s time I would be dead. The miracles of science got me through childhood with medicines that healed me.  Even as an adult I would have been dead several times over in that era.  Too bad science has come along to save us all.  With all the miracles we have forgotten the preciousness of life.  We have lost touch with the intensity of the world around us.  With every breath we don’t realize that we are breathing.  With every bite of food we don’t give a thought to the life it brings.  With every step we don’t see the things crushed under our feet.

Today is a sad time indeed.  People have fallen out of grace by falling out of sync with the world around them.  Today the beginning of our end.  “Too bad.  So sad,” said the Raven.

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