Honor in Thy Family

Honor in Thy Family is a way of being.  Where you come from is where you too shall go, and without honor your path will be filled with doubt and confidence meant for the meek.  Honor lives in the heart and soul of you and until you find that honor you will wander through life without direction spinning in circles that do not end. Spiraling out of control.  When you find yourself on the ground, dizzy, you will ask, “What happened?”

Reverence for family has been grotesquely twisted into something unrecognizable.  Fathers beat their children and rape their wives.  Mother’s destroy their children and bring shame to their past.  Self perpetuating is this monster and passed from parents to children spreading like a disease leaving honor  in the mud squirming as a chopped worm.  Even splintered, a worm grows again into another worm and another and another.  It wreathes and arches it’s ugly back and grows again.  There is no honor.

Ripping the guts from the monster is a display in what lies within.  When splayed open and revealed you can see what rots within.  Look upon it and examine the details.  The grey mass is filled with worms that have yet to re-grow, and worms that are full size.  To cut them from the sickening mass is not enough.  Gently remove each one with a careful touch.  Breaking even the tiniest segment will leave a portion to re-grow.  Find every piece by reaching in without fear.

This is honor in itself.  Honor to self.  With honor to self then honor to family will be born.  Bring forth your honor by drawing the worms to the surface and laying them into the mud under your feet.  They will revel in the mud as you will revel in the sun.  This is as it should be.

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