French Fries Please

There was a time in the past when a french fry was a french fry. Mom would slice up potatoes and fry them for a fat, finger long, salt drenched potatoey treat. Today, you can get these scrumptious goodies nearly any way you can think of.

Where did the humble fry originate?

Don’t let the name fool you. Fries most likely came from Belgium, but it depends who you’re talking to. One legend says that the vendors in Paris sold deep fried potatoes on a stick along the on the Pont Neuf—the oldest bridge in the city. Although, Belgium claims to have invented them during a particularly rough winter in the 1680’s. the only issue with this story is that potatoes weren’t really a part of their diet at this time in history. Maybe we could just say that somewhere in a French speaking country the humble fry was born.

How do you take your fries?

Personally, I take my fries hot enough to almost singe the inside of my mouth, with plenty of salt and nothing else. Curly fires are pretty good, but don’t touch cheese to them. Many people I know have to have them drowning in so much ketchup that it drips down their chin. To me, you all are just eating ketchup with a side of fires. Then there are cheesy fires, chili fries, home fries, steak fries, tornado fries, and waffle fries. The possibilities are endless.

When in England…

Americans and the Brits laugh at each other for the silly way we have labeled things. In the USA the storage space on the back of a car is called a trunk whereas in England it is a boot. You can always leg it to the bus stop in England or when in America you just run. Biscuits there are cookies here. Fries are not immune to these fun differences. Here in the United States we have fries, and in England they have chips. What gets confusing is we also have chips, but we are referring to potato chips – those thin round crispy crunchy fried potatoes that come in a brightly colored bag. So, when you travel to England just leg it to the neighborhood delicatessen for some chips.

Who makes the best fries?

I hope by voicing my opinion here, I do not get inundated with hate mail. I have my likes and dislikes just like everyone else does, but in my most humble opinion, I don’t think Mom makes the best fries, sorry Mom. For me, french fries are one of those cravings that I drive out of my way to satisfy and, thankfully, that craving only hits every once in a while. Where do I go for what is my choice of best fry? Burger King.

What do you love about fries? Do you have a favorite? Tell us your french fry story in the comments, but be nice to me and my cravings for Burger King fries. LOL.

This post brought to you by A to Z Blogging Challenge and the Letter F.

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter F


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