Sabino Canyon, Arizona

Here is another area near Tucson to hike, Sabino Canyon. There is an extensive trail system here that are the full range of difficulty from easy to challenging. We went here recently with my sister-in-law and her husband and we enjoyed every bit of our hike.

Sabino Canyon is part of the Pusch Ridge Wilderness Area in the Santa Catalina Mountains. This particular area is very popular so the crowds can be quite heavy especially late winter into spring. There are enough trails that once you get away from the visitor’s center the crowds spread out and you’ll sometimes find yourself alone.

My last hike there took us along Phoneline Trail and Rattlesnake Canyon Trail, but you can choose your own path. We did this hike in early March and to be honest, I didn’t keep track of exactly where we parked to access the trail. There are a ton of places to park so just pull off into a designated area and start hiking.

We hiked just over 4 miles and it was easy to moderate. We did end up at some lovely waterfalls and had many photographic opportunities. Here are just a few:

Sabino Canyon is east of Tucson and is easily found by taking Ina Rd east. It will turn into Sunrise then follow the signs to the entrance. There is an entrance fee. Take note that no dogs are allowed in the park so Fido has to take the day off.

Happy Hiking!!

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3 responses to “Sabino Canyon, Arizona

  1. It looks a wonderful place to hike – shame about the dogs, though I expect there are good, valid reasons not to allow them access.

    • Sabino Canyon is a very busy park and to add as many dogs as there are people is a mix for too many problems for the park staff. There are some amazing alternative places to hike with a dog so having one closed to them is really not a bad thing.

  2. Arlee Bird

    Sounds like a wonderful place. I always just pass through Tucson, but I’d like to be able to stay a few days to take in the sights like this one. Not sure how well I’d do hiking these days, but maybe a short hike on a not-to-hot day might be nice.


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